X-nano develops nanotechnology based solutions for the successful deployment of the energy transition. Our solutions enable the critical steps in the battery, hydrogen and future nuclear energy sectors.
OUR VISION: We are tech-crafters powered by curiosity, feeling the urge and responsibility to take action.
OUR MISSION: We want a future where energy is the solution, not a problem. We play with atoms, creating nanomaterials to enable unexplored solutions.
Using invisible building blocks, we materialize energy transition.


X-nano is a spin-off of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, IIT. We leverage on the solid know-how in nanomaterials and nanocoatings preparation by plasma, laser and thermally assisted reactions in supersonic and subsonic flow jets.
We are capable of creating nanomaterials with unprecedented properties such as ceramics with «ductile» behaviour or super-active nano-catalysts.
We are a group of highly skilled researchers with a broad knowledge spectrum from materials science to energy applications.
On November 2022, Pietro Fiorentini joined our company as equity and industrial partner. Read more


CEO Paolo Mutti PhD

Paolo Mutti has a broad management experience in high tech, industrial and energy sectors with CEO and GM positions in leading industries in renewables and energy sector. He is the inventor of more than 70 patents.

CSO/CTO Fabio Di Fonzo PhD

Fabio Di Fonzo has worked on functional nanomaterials for 20 years. He has authored more than 100 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals and 10 patents. In 2020 he was awarded by the EC the SOFT Innovation Prize for his key contribution in fusion research.

CFO Carlo Bernardocchi

Carlo Bernardocchi is an enterpreneur who has held CFO executive and non executive board director positions in various industrial companies. He works as a Business Angel supporting companies in various application fields.



Batteries are the real pillars for the energetic transition for both electric mobility development and integration of renewables into the grid.
We developed several advanced materials for battery manufacturing, from green synthetic graphite and silicon-graphite blends as anodes for the Li-ion batteries to nanostructured high performance electrodes for the long duration vanadium redox flow batteries.


Hydrogen is a key element for the achievement of the targets of the global decarbonization strategy.
We work to foster the hydrogen stream on multiple levels: advanced methane pyrolysis reactors for upstream carbon sequestration; high performance nanostructured electrodes for high efficiency green H2 production; H2 permeation/embrittlement barriers .


Fourth Gen nuclear fission reactors and fusion energy are Increasingly considered key to achieve a CO2-free energy production on large scales.
We work to enable Nuclear 4.0 by producing multifunctional ceramic coatings on metallic components to overcome critical issues like corrosion and tritium permeation in the extreme and harsh environments of these new concepts of power plants.


We named our company x-nano as we believe that nanotechnologies can make a real difference in the energy transition.
More projects can be developed together and the “X” content in x-nano is a space that can be filled with new ideas. As examples, new solutions to electrochemical sanification of water, new routes to waste-derived bioplastics, advanced multifunctional layers for terrestrial and space solar cells.



We are looking forward to work with the final users of our solutions from the battery manufacturers, to engineering companies working in the hydrogen sector to the nuclear energy actors


We want to develop our growth strategies supplying industrial partners building energy conversion devices with key raw materials produced with innovative and green processes and components with disruptive performances


New investors are welcome to scale-up specific technologies from the prototype stage into large scale manufacturing


We are looking for curious and bright collaborators willing to join our effort to foster energy transition through materials and process innovation