> 500 Wh/kg

Batteries for aerospace

target energy capacity in X-nano Silicon/Sulphur Li-ion batteries

> 300 mA/cm2

Vanadium flow batteries

demostrated increase in operating current density in VRFB

Why energy storage is important?

Batteries are the real pillars for the energetic transition both for electric mobility development and for integration of renewables into the grid. Thanks to their excellent performance, safety and efficiency, Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) have become the preferred energy storage technology in most of the applications, from portable electronics to electric cars. They represent an essential source of energy for a sustainable future.

What are X-nano enabling solutions?

We developed innovative and advanced materials for the battery sector, both to improve the performance of the existing LIBs and to promote the transition to post-LIBs technologies. We work on the production of clean synhetic graphite and we create silicon-dominant and silicon-graphite blend as anodes for the Li ion batteries. We work on the electrode nanostructures to produce high performance and long lasting Vanadum redox batteries.


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