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We leverage on the solid know-how in nanomaterials and nanocoatings preparation by plasma, laser and themally assisted reactions in supersonic and subsonic flow jets. We are capable to realize nanomaterials with unprecedented properties such as ceramics with «ductile» behaviour or super-active nano-catalysts. We are a group of highly skilled researchers with a broad knowledge spectrum from materials science to energy applications. We are a spin-off of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Center for Nano Science and Technology (CNST)

We were part of the Center for Nano Science and Technology (CNST), a joint research laboratory established in 2009 by the IIT with the Polytechnic University of Milan to focus on nanomaterials science and applications with the ability to conduct the complete production line, from conceiving and realizing a new material to its application in real products.


IIT is one of the largest research institutions in Italy, directly establisged by the Italian government in 2003. IIT organization revolves around the Central Research Laboratories in Genoa, a network of 11 centers throughout Italy nested in the most important Italian universities and 2 oustations in the USA in collaboration with MIT and Harvard. IIT main areas of research include robotics, nanotechnology, drug discovery and neuroscience.




Paolo Mutti has a broad management experience in high tech, industrial and energy sectors with CEO and GM positions in leading industries in renewables and energy sector. He is inventor of more than 70 patents.


Fabio Di Fonzo works on functional nanomaterials since 20 years. He authored more than 100 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals and 10 patents. In 2020 he was awarded by the EC the SOFT Innovation Prize for key contribution in fusion research.


Carlo Bernardocchi is an enterpreneur who has held CFO executive and non executive board director position in various industrial companies. He works as a Business Angel supporting companies in various application fields.

Leonardo Senatori

Leonardo Senatori is a member of X-nano Board of directors. He is Renewables Global Portfolio Leader in Pietro Fiorentini focusing on energy markets and enabling technologies.



Simone Fiorini Granieri is currently enrolled in the Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology Ph.D. course at Polytechnic University of Milan. His research interest is the development of a nano-Carbon catalyst for Energy Storage System.

Giacomo Gabriele

MSc graduated with honor in Materials Engineer and Nanotechnology, specialized in materials for energy storage.
Currently focused on producing and developing graphitic anode for Li-ion battery, exploiting a novel hydrocarbon pyrolysis process.


Gerardo Pagano is currently a PhD student in Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology at Polytechnic University of Milan. His research is focused on the development of coated catalyst electrodes for Vanadium redox flow batteries.


Carlo Pirti has got a M.Sc. in Material and Nanotechnology Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan. He is currently working on Lithium-ion batteries, specifically on two anode active materials based on synthetic graphite and silicon nanoparticles.

Pooria Poormehrabi

Pooria Poormehrabi holds a M.Sc degree in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology from Polytechnic University of Milan. His research activities are focused on the development of advanced electrode materials for long duration energy storage.


Andrea Stinchelli is a Ph.D. student in Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology at Polytechnic University of Milan. His studies in X-nano involves the deposition of multifunctional nanoceramic coatings for the next generation of nuclear fusion reactors.

Riccardo Taormina

Riccardo Taormina is a Ph.D. student in Nuclear and Energy Science and Technology. As an R&D engineer in X-nano, his focus is on the synthesis of novel nanomaterials for LIBs anodes and on the prototypation of processing machines.

Eleonora Venezia

Eleonora Venezia obtained her Ph.D. in Science and Materials Science from Genoa University working at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT). She is senior R&D engineer in X-nano working on the development of innovative materials for next-generation lithium-ion batteries.


Tessa Gronchi

Tessa Gronchi graduated in Economics at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan in 2001. Since 20 years she works as administrative manager. She has a broad experience in grant proposal writing and management of EU research funded projects.


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