0 gCO2/kgH2

Turquoise hydrogen

target direct emissions in X-nano advanced methane pyrolysis concept reactor

> 1.000 mA/cm2

Alkalyne electrolyzers

target increase in operating current density in alkalyne electrolyzer

Why clean hydrogen is important?

Hydrogen is a key pillar to achieve the targets of the global decarbonization strategy, having a fundamental role for the Hard-to-abate industrial sector efforts to lower their carbon footprint as well as for enabling renewables integration into the grid by sector coupling. Yet supplying at low cost and in a continuous manner clean hydrogen is still a technology challenge with opportunities.

What are X-nano enabling solutions?

We are working actively in the hydrogen business from the development of a new reactor concept for hydrogen production from methane direct decomposition to the realization of nanostructured catalyzed electrodes capable to increae the performance of electrolyzers. We believe the hydrogen challenge can be win and we want to play a leading role in hydrogen from methane pyrolysis andel ectrolysis.


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